Општина Крупа на Уни

The emblem of municipality

Opština Krupa na Uni

Location of municipality of Krupa na Uni
Municipality Krupa na Uni is located on north-west of Republic of Srpska on mountain Grmeč and it has area of 124 km^2.Border of Municipality area is touching with Croatia on the west, with municipalities in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina,with "Sanski Most"(the name of the city) on north-west, and with municipalities "Novi Grad" and "Oštra Luka" on east.Municipality seat is in "Donji Dubovik" placed on 300 m above sea level and because of good location it's connected good with road infrastructure. The distance from "Novi Grad" is 21 km, from regional center "Prijedor" is 50 km, from "Banja Luka" 100 km, and from "Bosanska Krupa" 18 km. The municipality territory is intersected with many watercourses from which the most important is: river "Una" and small rivers "Japra" and "Vojskova". The climate is moderately continental, with fresh summers and not too cold winters.
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